After The Harvest, Sell Your Farm Metal Scrap Too

After a harvest, it's time to reap all of the benefits of a whole year of hard work. But not only can you reap benefits from selling your harvest, but you can also earn more money by selling your scrap metal. Your farm will likely be filled with metal items that you can earn some money from at the scrap yard. Your farm equipment is a gold mine of ferrous scrap metal.

The Scrap Value of Old Farm Equipment

If you own very old pieces of farm equipment from the '60s, '70s and '80s, you will likely be able to extract a lot more scrap metal than from more recent farm equipment models. Common pieces of farm equipment that you may be able to scrap include threshing machines, ploughing engines, portable engines, tractor engines, hog oilers, flails, winnowing machines, steam tractors, reapers, and reaper binders.

Transporting Old Farm Equipment

One of the challenges of selling farm equipment as scrap metal is that you may struggle to transport your farm equipment to a nearby scrapyard. You may be able to disassemble your equipment so it will fit in the back of your truck or you may need to attach it to a trailer. However, many scrap metal companies are more than willing to come to your property and pick your farm equipment up themselves. 

Entering the Scrap Yard

If you will be transporting the scrap metal yourself, you will need to weigh the mode of transportation. This will allow the scrap yard to subtract the added weight of the farm equipment from the weight of the mode of transportation. Then, you will be waived to enter the scrap yard.

Weighing Each Piece of Farm Equipment

There will often be multiple types of scales that can be used to weigh the materials brought into the scrapyard. This is important when your farm equipment has multiple types of metals. If possible, you should try to separate the metals because different types of metals have different values and you may be paid less for unsorted metal.

Getting Registered and Getting Paid

The scrap yard may be able to unload your farm equipment if they are able to do so without damaging your vehicle. Otherwise, you will need to unload the equipment yourself. Then, all you have to do is get registered with the facility and you will then be paid for your scrap metal. You must be registered for law enforcement purposes.

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