Scrapping Plastic? Materials To Consider

You've heard of scrapping metal, but you haven't given scrapping plastic much thought. You can make money recycling plastic while making a positive impact on the environment at the same time. Plastic is derived from oils and doesn't biodegrade well, so the more plastic you keep out of landfills, the better. Plastic is also a renewable source, so every piece of plastic you can successfully recycle not only puts money in your pocket, but allows for something new to be created with less harmful impact on the world you live in.

Here is a list of materials to consider when recycling plastic for scrap. A recycling service will weigh your plastic and pay you accordingly. The more plastic you can find to recycle, the more money you can potentially make.

Plastic bottles and containers

You can start by recycling the plastic bottles you have in your home. Plastic containers and bottles include those used for housing yogurt, milk, water, soda, and other beverages. Plastic containers for shampoo and conditioner and detergents can also be recycled.

These plastic materials are easy to come by and you can even ask your neighbors and friends to set aside their plastic items so you can create a larger collection for recycling. Clear plastic containers may be easier to recycle, so check with a scrap plastic recycling service prior to putting plastic bottles in the recycling bin.

Before you recycle plastic bottles, wash them and make sure they are free of residue. Plastic caps can also be recycled.

Plastic bags and wrap

Plastic bags and other wrappings made of plastic can be recycled in many cases. Plastic bags include those used in grocery stores and clothing shopping centers. Some wrap that comes around items when shipped, such as plastic wrap that is clear, can also be recycled.

You can't recycle plastic containers that contain other elements, such as cardboard or non-recyclable materials, and you can't recycle bubble wrap and some other types of packing materials.

Toys and plastic containers

CD cases, plastic toys, and most other solid plastic items around the home — furniture excluded — can often be recycled. Just make sure the plastics are derived from polypropylene plastic, which means the item can be recycled or reused for other purposes.

Set aside all the plastic items you can find and if you have questions about recycling some items, ask your scrap plastic recycling center for assistance. The company you recycle with will let you know if you have items that can be safely recycled or not.