Are You A Recycler? How Three Types Of Recycled Items Are Often Used

Whether you're recycling glass or plastic bottles, your contribution ends up in a variety of consumer goods. The same goes for aluminum cans. Below are three commonly recycled items and some of the things they help create.    Plastic Bottles May Provide Your Patio Seating It's true. That plastic patio set you're enjoying might well be made of recycled plastic bottles. Most plastic bottles used for food items are made out of polyethylene terephthalate, known as PET in the industry. [Read More]

Recycling: How An Individual Actually Can Make A Difference

Recycling is an important way to reduce extra waste in landfills. By recycling appropriate materials, methane emissions can be reduced, and items may be reused multiple times before necessarily entering a landfill. How Do You Start Recycling? Recycling can be performed using several methods, including recycling bins and personal reuse of an item. If possible, an item should be reused two or more times before entering a recycling bin. This may include using shopping bags as trash liners, using plastic food containers to store leftovers, or using newspapers as padding for the storage or movement of fragile items. [Read More]