Got Recyclables? Why You Should Be Participating In A Curbside Recycling Program

If your community offers a curbside recycling program, you owe it to yourself to participate. You may not think that there are many benefits to the service, but that's not the case. In fact, participating in the curbside recycling program provides you and your community with multiple benefits. Instead of tossing your recyclable materials into the trash, here are just four of the reasons why you should be participating in the curbside recycling program. 

Do Something Good for the Environment

If you're not participating in the curbside recycling program, all your recyclable materials are heading to the local landfill. Unfortunately, that means that they can't be put to good use elsewhere. However, if you were to place your recyclables in the blue curbside recycling containers, and set them out for collection each week, they could be turned into other useful items. Not only that, but they wouldn't end up taking up space in the landfill. You can do something good for your community, and for the environment, by participating in the curbside recycling program. 

Avoid Trips to the Recycling Center

If you handle your own recycling, you're doing your part to clean up the environment. However, you're also using up your own time and resources for the project. Not only do you have to spend time sorting and cleaning your recyclables, you also need to spend time transporting them to the recycling center. That's time that could be spent on other projects. However, when you participate in a curbside recycling program, all your recyclables are placed in one container. Your refuse company takes care of everything else for you. 

Free Up Space in Your Trash Containers

If you've had to rent additional trash containers from your refuse company, and you're still running out of room for your trash each week, it's time to participate in the curbside recycling center. Placing all your recyclable materials in the recycling containers will free up space in your ordinary household trash containers. That way, you can toss out all your trash without spending more money to rent additional trash containers. 

Utilize the Available Service

If you pay for residential trash service through your community, you're already paying monthly recycling fees. Unfortunately, if you're not participating in the program, you're paying for services that you're not taking advantage of. When you start participating in curbside recycling, you'll utilize the services that are available to you, and that you're already paying for.

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