Several Answers To Recycling Questions

Starting a recycling program for your business can be an effective way of helping to do your part for the environment. However, you may not be fully aware of the factors that should be considered when instituting one of these programs for your business. This can make it beneficial to learn as much as you can about these programs prior to starting the process of setting one up.

Is Recycling Expensive?

Due to the tight profit margins that many business leaders must balance, it is understandable that they may be somewhat concerned about adding any additional expenses to their company's bottom line. However, it should be noted that recycling programs are fairly inexpensive. Furthermore, the business would have likely had to pay to have these materials hauled away anyway. There are also many local and state governments that can provide businesses with various tax incentives for instituting these plans, which can help to reduce the total financial burden that they may cause.

How Difficult Is Sorting The Recyclables?

While recycling can be extremely beneficial to the environment, people will often be hesitant about doing this as a result of concerns that they will have to manually sort their recyclables into different containers. In addition to taking time and energy to do, this could also require the use of several bins that could take up valuable space. Fortunately, there are single-stream recycling services that will allow you to easily rid yourself of your recyclables without having to do this. Rather, the recycling service will handle sorting the items into the various categories of recyclables.

Are There Limits Or Restrictions On The Items That Can Be Recycled?

Unfortunately, there are many items that simply are unable to be recycled. For example, there are many types of electronics and industrial items that are not suited to be recycled due to them containing potentially toxic or otherwise hazardous materials. A common example of this may be batteries as they contain an assortment of toxic substances. When you sign up to use a recycling service, they will provide you with a list of the materials that should never be put in the recycling bin. To avoid mix-ups or other potentially costly mistakes, you should train each employee to know what they can and cannot recycle. Furthermore, you may want to tape a laminated copy of this list on the container so that employees will be reminded of these materials before they deposit anything into these containers.

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